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Photographing Fireworks

4 Jul

Today is July 4th and with that comes fireworks – lots and lots of fireworks.  Are you interested in photographing fireworks?  There are a few things that you need to know.

  1. Use a tripod.  You need this to hold your camera steady because you will be using a long shutter speed to catch the burst and the tails.
  2. Remote shutter release. You have to press the button on your camera to take the picture but you just press a button with a shutter release and this will help keep your camera still.  You may also use the timer but this is harder to time shots and frame your pictures.


    Photo by photocamel.com

  3. Frame your picture.  Don’t just point the camera at the sky and shoot away.  Capture the sea of people watching the fireworks, the lake the fireworks reflect in or the beautiful mountains scaping the scene.  If you do not have any of these then look around and there will be something interesting.  There always is.
  4. Aperture. What aperture?  Begin with an aperture of f/8 to f/16  but if the shots are too dark then go to f/5.6 and open up from there.  But before you do that – bump up your ISO.
  5. ISO. What ISO?  Begin shooting at ISO 100 but if that doesn’t work for you then begin to increase your ISO.  Be careful when increasing ISO as the higher the ISO the more grain will be visible in your pictures.
  6. Shutter Speed. What Shutter Speed?  Set your camera to M for Manual.  Then use your ISO scroll to select Bulb or B.  This is bulb mode.  This mode is great for long exposures in the dark.  The shutter stays open as long as you press the shutter release button.  This is where your shutter release comes in.  It’s near impossible to hold a camera for a long length of time with the shutter release open without camera shake.
  7. Check your pictures after a few shots.  You may be missing a few explosions but checking your progress will ensure that if you make a mistake then you can correct it.
  8. Practice makes perfect!  The more you do something then the better you get at it.
  9. HAVE FUN!!!!

I would love to see what you capture!  So link in the comments or post on my Facebook page.