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Bring Back the Memories!

14 Jul

Photos are a great way to share your travels with family and friends! Before you start snapping away, take a moment to read the below tips.

Night image of rescue boats from suite balcony on a cruise ship

An interesting night shot of rescue boats taken from the balcony suite of a cruise ship

Tip #1: Plan ahead! Make sure your camera is in good working order before you go, and pack plenty of batteries! You’re going to want to be able to take pictures of everything interesting or beautiful you see, so remember to bring plenty of film/memory cards. And most importantly, plan to have your camera easily accessible! A water and shock resistant case is recommended, but a padded, insulated lunch container works wonderfully as well, and is much less likely to be stolen than a fancy camera bag!

Tip #2: Get in Close! When taking pictures of people, don’t make the mistake of standing too far away. Get close so you can see the expressions on your subjects faces! Zoom in on individuals or capture them from the waist up (also called a 3/4 shot). When photographing individuals against a grand landscape, take some pictures from far away and some up close as well!

Tip #3: Capture the Essence! Everyone loves panoramic scenes and major landmarks, so you’ll definitely want plenty of those. But try to capture the simplicity of the location as well. Try snapping a photo of a brightly colored flower box hanging from the shuttered window of an old Colonial, or the old mailbox at the end of a long, dusty driveway. Chances are it will be more compelling than if you shot the complete scene, like the entire house, lawn, driveway, etc. Focus on the details and you’ll capture the true essence of the location!

Tip #4: Tell a story! Let your pictures tell a story by creating a visual diary of your trip. Include street scenes, interesting signs, menus, and people you see along the way. Don’t be afraid to use an interesting angle rather than simply head-on shots only. Pictures are often more interesting when you can catch people in candid, un-posed moments, so keep your camera handy and let the camera tell your story!

Have a great trip… and don’t forget to make extra copies of your great pictures to share!