Flash, NO not that kind!

20 Jul

Many of my fellow photographers build their website using Flash. Let me get some formalities out of the way before I delve into the whole point of this post. What is Flash? It is not what that creepy person wearing a trench coat does to unknowing passers-by.

Flash is an Adobe product that uses vector graphics to create animation (this is a very basic description). Websites can contain Flash movies or be created solely with Flash.

Flash websites are beautiful and interactive. So – traci-marie Photography, why isn’t your photography website created in Flash? That is a great question!

There are a few minor issues that I could overlook but the major issues doomed my site to forever be Flash free. Between you and I – a small Flash movie may make an appearance now and then but that is as far as I am willing to go!

I could overlook how Flash removes the capability of using the Back button although that may be an inconvenience for many. If you are a Back button maniac like I am then you understand how much we would miss that button!

I could even pardon Flash for requiring users to download a plug-in to watch those amazing movies.

Image of iPhone Screen when trying to download Flash

No Flash for you!

Why is this important? Another great question!

Accessibility is at the top of my list. Screen readers audibly describe the content of your website for visually impaired viewers. Most Flash websites are not created in a manner that allows the screen reader to NNJJ. Another alternative is to create a Flash website and a HTML website. This doubles my work (think of how time consuming it can be to maintain two websites!) when I prefer to be behind my camera. Why not just create one website that meets accessibility requirements!

I feel safe saying that the majority of users perform queries in search engines. I want my website to appear in your search and this can be difficult to accomplish with Flash websites. I will not bore you with the details but if you want them – please comment and I will gladly reply.

There are 6.4 million iPhone users in the U.S. according to Nielsenwire. The iPhone cannot view Flash movies or websites (long story!). I want all visitors to be able to view my website instead of a request to download Flash which we all know is impossible. See above iPhone screenshot.

Lastly, if my page loads slowly then you are not going to watch my site countdown how many portraits are loading. You are going to move on to the next photographer website.

So there you have it. traci-marie Photography agrees that Flash websites are alluring and yes – I would love to have those beautiful graphics flowing around on my website and enticing you to click on everything you see but this will not happen until the web and Flash get along better.

Happy Shooting!

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