Don’t Get Burned!!

28 May

Don’t Get Burned this Summer!

Summer is a time of travel, beach outings and backyard barbecues! If you’re going to photograph your adventures, you are going to need to keep your camera equipment safe from summer threats, the most common being: heat, water, sand, and other people!

Heat:  While you are drinking plenty of water and keeping yourself cool and hydrated, your film (if you use it) and camera should also be kept at an even temperature. Exposing your equipment to direct sunlight and strong heat will cause them to malfunction and can also cause irreversible damage. Keep your camera and camera equipment out of the heat!

Water and Sand:  Water and sand can be fun to play in, but it will wreak havoc on your camera! If water or sand gets in your camera or lenses, stop using them immediately and get them professionally cleaned. And remember, you don’t have to be ON sand or IN water to be a victim of it. Wind can blow it on your camera. For this reason, when around water and sand, its best to have and use a good camera bag!

Other People:  Thieves will watch, follow, and then steal unattended camera gear if the opportunity presents itself. Do not fall victim to thieves! If you must leave your camera in your car, keep it out of site by putting it in the trunk, or in an inexpensive or beaten up cooler or duffel. When flying, carry on as much photo gear as the airlines will allow!

Photos are a very personal and important part of your life… and you can’t be too cautious when it comes to keeping your camera equipment safe! Whether on vacation or just having fun in your own backyard, taking small steps to insure the safety of your investment will truly pay off!

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